Sunday, March 29, 2009

Dr. Michael Fullan describes the “Six Secrets of Change”. He discussed each of the six secrets in great detail which are more completely referenced in his book, The Six Secrets of Change. He talked about the change factor vs. change process and how change can be many different things. Secret 1 is to “love your employees”. Companies who treat their employees with respect get irrefutable results. Secret 2 is to “connect peers with purpose” –teachers working in communities supported by school leaders who focus on improvement. Secret 3 is “Capacity Building Prevails”, Secret 4 is “Learning is the work” which is the hardest of all secrets, Secret 5 is “Transparency Rules” which he quoted Gawande, as saying “to fix medicine (education) we need to do two things: measure ourselves, and be open about what we are doing.” Secret 6 is “systems learn” “continuous learning depends on developing many leaders in the school in order to enhance continuity…the schools being confident in the face of complexity and open to new ideas”.
Try to combine your enthusiasm with the change secrets!
Penguin just returned from latest workshop on Change Secrets!

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