Monday, April 6, 2009

Directions for Auto Summarizing Tool

Just to share, here are the directions for auto summary tool:

Here are the directions to put the Auto Summary Tool on your computer.

In the 2007 version
Click on the drop down on your quick access tool bar at the top left. Click on More Commands. Then a box opens, at the top of that page click on the drop down and go to All Commands. Then scroll down and find Auto Summary Tool. Highlight it and then click ADD. Finally click OK at the bottom (do not click reset). This will add your Auto Summary tool to the quick access toolbar at the top of all your word documents. Then you can highlight what you want to summarize, and pick which one you want: highlight main points, abstract, new document, etc.

In the 1999-2003 version
Auto Summary Tool is under the tools menu. Click on this drop down. Then click on the arrow at the bottom and the whole menu opens. Auto Summary tool is at the bottom of this menu.

Thanks for Margaret Ruppert for sharing this information with all of us!
Hope you find this helpful!

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